Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Dream of Two Sisters

This dream took place in the country. I had to scramble down through various ditches and cross several creeks via stepping stones, never really worrying if my feet got wet. I was trying to get to a house because I needed to talk to its occupant. I needed to confront them about something that would be hard to discuss. When I neared the house at last, I found that it was sided with cheap, sandpapery roofing material which was made to look like brick. As I approached the front door, I saw that it was one of two front doors: the house was a duplex. Knowing there were multiple occupants to confront, my anxiety now grew stronger.

What a relief when no one answered the doorbell, which was one of several doorbells, although I didn’t try the other ones. It was safe to say my efforts had been thwarted, and so I could now guiltlessly avoid the confrontation. I climbed back across the ditch and decided to sit for a while, it was so nice there in the country. I sat watching the house. There were several trees in its yard, one of which soon fell over with a peaceful little crash as it hit the ground. Even though the tree had been dead, I worried that I would be blamed. Another tree fell. It didn’t matter; I sat and listened to the water. Soon, two plump white women came out of the house and sat in the grass. They were wearing t-shirts and jeans, and were probably sisters. I watched them from across the ditch, thankful they couldn’t see me, as happy as they were to be talking on their phones. 

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