Friday, April 6, 2012

WE ARE THE THERE Tonight at Rise Above!

Oakland's Rise Above Gallery shows off the work of Miriam Klein Stahl this month, and the opening is tonight from 6-9. It includes collaborations with Gabby Miller and Scott McPherson, as well as the Together Occupy project. Together Occupy began with a design by Miriam, which she silkscreened with her class. Then Gabby coordinated the printing of variations on it with me at Mills College and again with Blake Riley at Arion Press. Now a variety of artist have used the poster's blank space to produce a series of imaginary propaganda collaborations. 

My own collaboration focuses on San Pablo Avenue, and includes a fold-out essay in pencil. The essay touches briefly on the street's history (it was once the East Bay's main coastal highway) and talks about what it means when we say places are being re-envisioned (i.e., gentrified). It looks at the current state of San Pablo, focusing on its walkability, along the lines of a Letter from Pedestrianica. Read the essay's here!

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