Wednesday, July 24, 2013

The Phoenix House

I've posted pics of a new artist book, The Phoenix House, over at my website. It's an altered mashup of several different material texts: it began with pages from a found scrapbook, titled The Phoenix House: its photos were torn out, but their captions remained. Using the title and captions, I constructed a textual narrative with memoiristic elements, influenced by several other sources: photorealistic swimming-pool stationary, an interior design book, a late-1990s Adobe Illustrator manual, and the cover from a cheaply published edition of L. M. Montgomery’s classic melodrama, The Blue Castle, with the eponymous building depicted through pirated photos of a night-lit Cinderella castle. I "housed" it all in a first-edition copy of Annapurna by Maurice Herzog, utilizing its cover and illustrations. 

For more info and to see more pics, click here. I'll post scans soon, so you can see the details and read the text. 

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